Our Mission

At ENZYME DR™ we recognize the value of optimal health and wellbeing for everybody. Only through proper digestion can we obtain the nutrients necessary to keep our bodies functioning at the highest levels possible. Our products allow for the proper absorption and utilization of vital nutrients that are often not used properly in the body due to many common issues in the digestive tract. ENZYME DR™ offers you a true path towards preventative health by eliminating a multitude of digestive symptoms that plague so many of us.

Our unique combination of enzymes and herbal ingredients are able to work together with one another to create a solid foundation for superior health. As natural digestive care is our main focus, we are able to devote the time and energy necessary to make the best possible products available today.

We created ENZYME DR™ to soothe digestion related discomfort so many of us suffer from on a daily basis. ENZYME DR™ is all natural and its ingredients have proven to help alleviate many everyday ailments such as heartburn, indigestion, gas, bloating, irritable bowel, chronic diarrhea, etc.

About Our Company

ENZYME DR™ is a health and wellness company that truly cares and is passionate about improving the quality of your life. We are dedicated to bringing you the most effective nutritional supplements on the market.

ENZYME DR™ specializes in enzyme-based supplements, comprised of the highest quality, clinically proven ingredients and formulas available. The doctors and scientists that created our proprietary formulas have utilized enzymes to help people address their health needs for over 30 years. We have taken that knowledge and and combined that with the experience of doctors who use enzymes in clinical practice. The end results are superior, safe products, which have been clinically tested on real patients.

Our formulas have helped many professional and Olympic athletes obtain an optimal status of health; these athletes seek out only the best products available and are not willing to compromise on quality or efficacy. We offer only the highest grade of nutrients proven by research to help nutritionally support the body.


Satisfaction Guarantee

At ENZYME DR™ customer satisfaction is our GUARANTEE! If you are not 100% satisfied with your ENZYME DR™ purchase or any Health Catalyst, INC product you ordered we are here to help. Simply return your purchase to us within sixty (60) days of the purchase date and we’ll replace the product or credit your account. It’s that simple! For more information or help in returning or replacing a purchase please, contact us.