Why Enzyme DR™ works better?

Our products were created by doctors and enzyme experts who have been using enzmyes for over 30 years. We know enzymes! Creating a great enzyme formula is not as simple as just adding an ingredient or enzyme. Certain enzymes work well with one another and add to each other’s effectiveness. Knowing how enzymes work together is essential for creating the right formula to best prevent symptoms and improve the overall quality of life.

Why Should I Take Enzymes?

Enzymes are the ONLY thing that can actually help improve digestion. They allow you to properly break down and absorb your food and nutrients. Antacids and prescription medication will only decrease the amount of acid in your body but will not help you digest your food better, which is the root of most stomach problems.

How many Enzyme DR™ can I take?

The enzymes used in Enzyme DR™ are all natural and are found in all food that was once alive. We suggest taking 2 capsules with each meal; however, if you are eating a large meal, fried food, or a meal that contains red meat, we suggest taking 2 before your meal and 2 after your meal.

How quickly can I see results?

Most people having acid reflux, indigestion, upset stomach, bloating or problems with digestion will usually see immediate results in just a few days; however, if you have been taking antacids or prescription medication for your stomach, it can take up to 2 months to see significant results. The reason it may take longer is because your body no longer has enough of the acid required to help digest your food. Some people that have problems with bowel movements will could see improvement within two weeks. Others will see increased energy within a couple of weeks to a month once they start absorbing nutrients. The people that see the best results, are the people that continue to take Enzyme DR™ daily with EVERY meal. Proper digestion is a must if you want your body to function properly!

How important are digestive enzymes?

In today’s world with processed, radiated, micro-waved, and chemically treated food, digestive enzymes are the most important health supplement a person can take. All of these practices, including simply cooking your food, kill enzymes that are naturally occurring in food. This can make it more difficult for you to digest your food and absorb your nutrients, which can ultimately lead to unwanted symptoms. Making sure your food is properly digested is the key to the human body functioning properly. A person not taking digestive enzymes with meals is aging faster, suffering from unnecessary symptoms, and getting older quicker. Plant enzymes can reduce the burden on the body’s natural curative powers, thus allowing the body to perform its natural, healing function.

I take antacids for heartburn and indigestion. How can Enzyme DR™ help?

Enzymes will help you immediately digest your food better. Antacids provide only temporary relief by neutralizing the acidity in the stomach, but do not help address the main problem of improper digestion. The plant enzymes found in Enzyme DR™ are safe and effective, with no side effects. If you feel your symptoms are improving, please consult with your doctor prior to changing your use of any prescription medication. In no way are suggesting you alter your dosage without proper medical suppervision.

I am feeling better, should I stop taking Enzyme DR™?

Enzyme DR™ will help improve your digestion and if you are feeling better, it helped decreased your symptoms. However, if you stop taking Enzyme DR™ with meals, it is likely that your symptoms of faulty digestion will reappear. We suggest that everyone make Enzyme DR™ a part of their lives to properly absorb nutrients and maintain a higher quality of health.

I do not have any digestive issues (at least I don’t think I do). Are there any benefits to taking Enzyme DR™?

Due to cooked food and the poor quality of food that often is chemically treated or altered, we believe you have no choice but to take enzymes with your meals. In order for the human body to work correctly, you must support your body daily with vitamins and minerals and ONLY enzymes can break your food down to allow you to absorb them. They are the workers in your food that deliver your nutrients to where they need to go. Taking Enzyme DR™ prior to actually experiencing digestive symptoms may also help prevent them from ever occurring as most digestive disorders begin as you get older.